Create Future World

How to create the Future ?

By working on our Thoughts, Beliefs, to attain the next level in Life !

The Process :

Worked  in Indian Army for 24 years ( I worked in the Defence Hospital) , as a Lieutenant Colonel.

I’m sorry. I can’t change the whole world. That’s not my business. I don’t want control anybody. I can’t teach anyone how everyone can change themselves. I would like to serve people possible by me.

I Started my journey from Command Hospital, Bengaluru. I served Defence Officers as well as Soldiers and their Families. I had opportunity to serve Field Marshal K M Cariappa, the first Indian Army officer.

I was ICU trained nurse, witnessed many deaths. As I love talking to people I used to talk to patients. I have gathered lots of experiences. Though I was not an author or had any intention to write, started working on those experiences. Most of them had told me if they had little more time or regretted that they could have lived better way, i.e. in peace and happiness. Though, I was not unhappy started searching for peace and happiness, how I can show people the way towards peace and happiness. I started reading on success principles and started visiting religious places like temple, mosque, church etc.

Based on those experiences I started seeking answers to the myriad problems affecting human lives. I set out on a voyage wherein I engaged myself in taking paid coaching from leading experts. Once I got the possible answers, I implemented on myself and family. Then experimented on other individuals and families. I achieved miraculous result in small scale.

So to reach “critical mass” I decided to go online.

Why htpps:// ?

To create better citizens of India.

To Create empowered Global Citizens is committed towards creating an environment towards faster progress.

We do this with our proven scientific Technology.

Creating ambient space to learn and excel.

Instill a sense of sharing

Continuous Learning and Development

Lieutenant Colonel ( Mrs)   Iti Banerjee

Create Your Future